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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Greetings All: Just when we thought we were out, the rising tide of confusion in the marketplace is drawing us back in for another round of sensemaking on the subjects of Strategic Design, Meta Design and Design Thinking/Doing.

In this experimental reboot of NextD Journal we intend, with the help of numerous guest contributors to look at and offer up authentic perspectives on ten selected public documents that have the potential to influence public perception of these subjects.

Concerned about the future of strategic design leadership in the context of organizational and societal change we began NextD Journal in 2002 as a community sensemaking experiment. Many of our long time readers will know that when we parked NextD Journal in 2013 it was at the end of a 30 conversation, multiple publication cycle that had sought to illuminate the arriving and emerging future of strategic design leadership in this rapidly shifting era.

We have been delighted to see our readers around the world making use of the strategic insights and the many materials that we created, viewable in the NextDesign Futures Library including Teaching CoCreation Now and NextD Geographies containing what became known as the Skill-to-Scale advocacy. In retrospect much of the perspective seen in NextD Journal was ten years out in front of the marketplace. Many of the issues then being raised and shared are just now appearing in mainstream conversations.

Having made that contribution to community sensemaking for changemaking we wanted to take a hiatus and refocus our efforts elsewhere for a while. What is bringing us back for this 10 part experimental reboot is the astronomical level of confusion that has been building in the marketplace where meaningful strategic design journalism remains largely abscent.

Approaching NextD Journal from a different angle this reboot hopes to offer-up some fresh perspectives on a by-now vastly confused subject.

In parallel we are taking a relook at several other aspects of NextD Network, NextD Library and NextD Academy so stay tuned.

GK VanPatterFounding Editor

NextD Journal [Reboot] Design Thinking is Changing! Are You?

From the NextD Library:

For anyone who might have missed the earlier NextD activities here are a few example documents:

NextD: When [Old Design Thinking] LOVE is Not Enough, 2013

NextD Academy: Teaching CoCreation Now, 2011

NextD Geographies, 2011

NextD Reality Check, 2003



Based in New York City, NextD Journal and NextD Academy are integral parts of NextDesign Leadership Network, an experimental community sensemaking initiative founded in 2002 by GK VanPatter Elizabeth Pastor. 



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