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ReThinking Design Thinking Book

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Now Published!

Part expose, part history lesson and part provocation, ReThinking Design Thinking extends Humantific’s significant body of sensemaking work addressing innovation, design and changemaking. Connecting the dots between theory and practice, philosophy and methodology, this book shares our perspective on how Humantific makes sense of the already-arriving future of design / design thinking.

With vast confusion around the subject of design thinking in the marketplace, this book jumps in with a combination of thought-provoking conversational text and explanation diagrams. Stepping outside the pervasive industry marketing narrative, ReThinking Design Thinking points out the need for a new form of readiness to better take on the scale and complexity of organizational and societal challenges now emerging. This book clearly makes the case for more robust and adaptive methods beyond the assumptions of product, service and experience creation.

The good news is that this book also points out that a next generation, emerging practice community is already hard at work reinventing design thinking / doing for complex situations. If you are ready for acknowledging significant change challenges facing design / design thinking as methodology and interested in more clearly defined paths forward, ReThinking Design Thinking is for you.

You can order your copy now on

Learn more about the book at


You can order your copy of Rethinking Design Thinking now on

Learn more about the book at

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