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Design for Complexity Change Avenues

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

NextD Journal Readers: Today we are beginning to share the 25 Change Avenues that appear in the ReThinking Design Thinking book . For some of the folks operating in the Emerging Practice Community the shift towards redesign of designedly methods for complex contexts (beyond product/service/experience assumptions) has been underway for a decade+.

In the writing the book we tasked ourselves with articulating not only a sharable list of 10 Secrets of Design Thinking describing key methods related challenges, but also these 25 Change Avenues describing the shifts already in motion, based on 10+ years of community research via NextD Journal. Yes, suffice it to say; we were waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy ahead of this curve as many of our long term readers will know.

Change for any community is difficult and the design / design thinking communities inclusive of graduate design education are no exception. Many of the 25 Change Avenues involve challenging shifts to new paths, new mind sets and new skill sets for many. Creating new paths rather than reforming traditional design has always been the focus of this initiative.

As in many of the methods being evolved within the Emerging Practice Community, this has not been a linear path to get to what you are looking at in this NextD Journal Reboot site.

The Peer review sharing aspect of this methodology evolution story remains ongoing while much has already been learned, processed and activated within the Emerging Practice Community. For those still in doubt that a paradigm shift was/is needed to better address design for complexity we hope to publish a few more Peer Reviews.

Yes, this initiative is always in several places along the development time line simultaneously. It has long been activated and active while aspects of the underlying research and the related sharing remains ongoing.

We are receiving requests to articulate more about the make up of what is depicted in the book as the Emerging Practice Community so stay turned for more.

More 25 Change Avenues coming soon.


For those interested in the history of innovation methodologies across multiple communities of practice see: Innovation Methods Mapping: De-Mystifying 80+ Years of Innovation Process Design.


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