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10th Anniversary Edition

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Welcome back NextD Journal readers. This week a short post on the subject of time-change clocks and design future visions. It has been occurring to us recently that lots of different time-change clocks exist in the design community, inclusive of design education, around this subject, now known as Design for Complexity. Some time-change clocks move rapidly and others at a snail’s pace, while the outside VUCA world is rather unforgiving.

This week we decided that it might be a useful/helpful exercise to share a 10th Anniversary Edition of a presentation we made at a Design Thinking Conference in 2013 entitled The OTHER Design Thinking. Created to share journal learnings it was also published on ISSUU. In it can be seen many of the central dimensions of change, already in motion at that time, that cascade into our later book Rethinking Design Thinking / Making Sense of the Future that has Already Arrived.

Although not clear to us then, we were farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out in front of the curve at that time. We will share lessons learned from that in a future post.

You can view the full 10th Anniversary Edition of the 2013 presentation on Issuu and we include a few sample screens below.


Since we had been operating as an Arena 3 and Arena 4 practice ten+ years prior to the 2013 presentation we have, of course learned many things along the way that we incorporate into our Humantific practice work today.

Happy to see the growing interest in this Design fort Complexity subject.

Hope this is helpful.


Image Credits: Images 1-23; Humantific, The OTHER Design Thinking, 10th Anniversary Edition, 2013-2023. Image 24; NextD Geographies Framework, Humantific, Rethinking Design Thinking, 2020.

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