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SenseMaking: Where Does Cognitive Inclusion Come From? 

Welcome back NextD Journal readers:

This week we are sharing a brief clarification, reposted from the practice-based Humantific blog that has significant implications, particularly for any practitioners actively involved using Visual SenseMaking in the context of organizational and societal ChangeMaking.

For those who might not know (including apparently Karl Weick himself): The notion of: “Making the complex clear” has been a staple of Neurath/Wurman Root Stream builders for many decades….long before Mr. Weick arrived.

Many of our readers will know that the notion that information can be and needs to be shaped in inclusive ways and that know-how can be and is being transported into cognitive inclusion, inclusive methodologies, inclusive team dynamics and inclusive culture building is coming from the Neurath/Wurman Root Stream NOT from the Weick/Dervin Root Stream. 

Neurath/Wurman Root Stream


Weick/Dervin Root Stream


More here:

Humantific: Undiscovered Country? Making Sense of SenseMaking:

Image Credit: Making Sense of SenseMaking: Humantific, 2020-2024


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