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Community Context 2022

Rethinking Design at d-School Africa Conference

Happy to have given my d-School Africa conference virtual talk earlier this week. My 50 minute presentation gave a few glimpses into Humantific but was focused on our Rethinking Design Thinking book. Thanks to Richard Perez and Jenni Van Niekerk for bravely inviting me as my talk was not the typical promotion of conventional design thinking...:-)

Of the 200+ screens presented these two describing context and evolution of interest in rethinking design got the most questions. This seemed to be clear indication that folks are getting the need for methods advance and asking how they can become involved in the rethinking part of whats going on.

Community Context 2020 indicates what the community picture looked like when the Rethinking Design Thinking book appearred and Community Context 2022 shows the evolution to today and tomorrow (guestimating 5 years from now) regarding awareness of need, interest and the shift to the Rethinking Design / Design Thinking movement. The tomorrow numbers on the rethinking side might be significantly greater as awareness continues to grow.

Other screens from the book in the talk included these:

The presentation ended with these two closing screens...:-)

We are not yet sure if d-school Africa confestival will make the presentaions available publically. Stay tuned.


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